A few words from our clients.
Dear Mr. Scott,
Hi, I am the lady from LA who bought a puppy from you in July.  We named
this little guy "Ranger".  However, he is not little any more.  He will
be 5 months old tomorrow.  He weighs about 50lbs and is a picture of
health.  I just want you to know he is the best GS we have ever had.  He
is so smart and very loving.  I just love him and want to thank you for
picking out such a wonderful puppy for us.  He is out of Aflop and

Thank you again.

Cynthia  N.

PS I will send more pictures as he matures.


Mr Scott my puppy that i purchased from you in Jan is doing fine and is worth every penny i paid for him. Here are a few pics of KING



Mr. Scott,

I just wanted to send you an email and some pictures to let you know how things are going with our puppy. We got Riley from you on June 29, 2008. He was from the litter of Aflop & Quartz. Riley's 11 months old now and we couldn't be happier with him! He has the best personality and is smart as a whip. I wanted to send you some pictures to show you how our boy has turned out.

Donita & Chad Lyden


Herman - Enclosed are a couple of pictures of Max at five months.  He is from the litter from Dec. '08 out of Aflop and Quartz. 

     Max is a fantastic dog in every respect - we got far more than our money's worth - thats for sure!  He is very intellegent and loving and is an absolutely beautiful animal.  He has superb protection instincts as well. Just the other day my yardmen entered the backyard without informing me first.  I heard Max going berserk outside and I went out and found that he had chased them both up into my son's little treehouse and was fiercely trying to get to them. They were deathly afraid and would not come down until I put him in the house.  He has had no protection training yet but it's really nice to know that the instincts are there for his future training. 

Thanks so much for a really great dog!   Greg Lopresto, Houston, Tx.

                                                               A chicken a day keeps the bad guys away!


I wanted to send you a picture of our male German Shepherd we bought from you last November. We named him Hoss. He is doing excellent. He’s very, very pretty with a great disposition.
 He loves to play with other dogs but most of them are intimidated by him and don’t want to play with him. We keep him in our back yard and my son takes him for a walk in the morning and afternoon. He also uses the water hose to exercise him. Hoss loves to chase the water and bite at it. We will also put a rotating sprinkler in the yard so he can play in it. He’s just a very friendly and affectionate dog.



This is Nancy, the lady who picked up the German Shepherd female pup today.  I just wanted to let you know that she was a picture of perfection the entire day.  She had a very busy day going through Pet Smart, she took to her new collar and leash right off and was very happy to finally get to walk around.  We took her by the law offices my sister works at to show the people there.  Once we got in the car and on the highway she laid down and went to sleep most of the way home.  She woke up after about 40 minutes and was intently whining so I pulled over and she found her spot, went to the bathroom, got back in the car and laid down the last 20 minutes of the trip.  We went to the nursing home my mom works at and the residents were picking her up and petting her (they were some very happy elderly people to have a dog to play with).  She really did absolutely beautiful.  Played with her new toys outside for a half hour at home and came in for another nap.  

I am really pleasantly surprised at how good she is.  The few things she tried to get into, after I told her no twice she would move on back to her own toys and chew bones.  She acclimates extremely well for this to be the first day.  

Thank you for the beautiful puppy,


This is all I have at the moment but I have a few more of Jade and a couple with both Zeek and her. Thank you again, I have to say sir you have produced two of the finest animal I have ever seen.


Mr. Scott,

Here is a picture of Fonzi. He is now 6 months old and weighs 70lbs. Just letting you know that Fonzi is everything we expected in a German Shepherd. He is very smart, very loyal, and is a lot of fun to be around. His favorite thing right now is fetching a tennis ball. We just recently adopted a little brother for him to play with; a black lab. The next picture you receive will be at his 1 year birthday. Thank you very much for this great puppy.
                                                                        19wks                                     6mo.
Scott & Danielle Barrentine



    Thought you might enjoy seeing how our pup is doing.   We bought Ari from your 8/1/09 litter.   Below was taken today (8 mos old).  I haven't weighed her in a while, but I'm guessing she's at least 80 lbs.   The attached picture was taken shortly after we brought her home.  Took the pic below w/ my phone, but thought it was a nice pose.  She had just finished swimming in the LNVA canal.   She was so small and wiry when we bought her (see attached pic), I didn't think she'd amount to anything!   She's a great dog, and my kids and whole family love her very much.   She enjoys living on our 11 acre place (fully fenced), and is part of our four dog pack, which includes a 5 month old GSD male (american breed, and future father to her pups someday), a blue heeler, and an australian shepherd/pit bull mix.   She is extremely well built and athletic compared to our american breed male, and has really blossomed into a beautiful dog.  I'm looking forward to seeing her fully grown.

Larry, Stacy, Taylor and Chandler Simmons, Beaumont TX.


Mr. Scott,

Here is Charlotte's first pictures in the Blue Bonnets.  She's 10 months now - parents Ivory and Quartz.  She is such a great dog and just loves to be with her family all the time.  She is also my walking buddy early in the morning.

I have observered her protection instinct when we take her to the dog park.  She runs around and plays with the other dogs but always checks and keeps us in her eye sight and knows where we are.     

We just love her and thank you so much.

Colleen Ellis 


Mr Scott,

Hello.  Thank you again for our new puppy.  She is very
loving and extremely smart.  She did very well on the ride 
back to San Antonio.  She is adjusting to her new
home quite well.  We have named her Chaska.
I have attached some pictures for you.

Thank you,
Tana Sramek Rabel



Sir, it was a pleasure to finally meet you.  We are super happy with the puppy, although my daughter is learning that there a lot more responsibility than she figured - LOL.  This is gonna be a very lucky dog that will be pampered and raised in the house, but we do have a big back yard for him to play in.  Currently we are working through the housebreaking process.  Should be interesting, but again, we are very happy.  We are fortunate to benefit from your knowledge and years of hard work raising German Shepherds.  If you ever need a referral of better pictures; you got it any time. Let me know.

Adam Vincent


Hey there!!  Wanted to send a picture of how our little Zara is doing!  She is completely spoiled now courtesy of my daughter Savannah.  It’s nice though.  She is never alone and when I do have to go out she comes with me. She sleeps in Savannah’s bed with her at night as well.  She is a very happy girl and learns quickly.  Rarely does she have accidents in the house, and usually when she does they are by the door, so that’s our fault, not hers.

She enjoyed the snow and sported her new jacket.  I know, I know...it’s goofy but she looked beautiful!!  She is a wonderful addition to our family and don’t be shocked if you see us again to get a buddy for her.  Absolutely wonderful dog and we thank you so much!!

Amy Strong


Mr. Scott, Just thought I’d send you a few pictures of Hans from Izak and Channell. He’s doing well, is extremely intelligent, and growing quickly. My labs have never had command response like he does at this age, which is great. His ball drive of course isn’t as high, but he’ll do command work until I’m ready to quit. He knows all of his basic commands and has great personality. He’s not quite at an instant response yet and is a little puppy honorary, but he’s coming around ha-ha.  I think I’ll see how he responds to tracking this week. What should his weight be at this age? Do you know the weight of the other puppies in the litter now? If I’d like to get him on the right track for sch1, how would you recommend starting this process? Oh and cheers for breeding such a smart dog;. I appreciate your help.

God bless.

Randal Moore


Dear Mr. Scott,  
I want like to let you know how Ike is doing, he is a very big 9 month old male puppy, he is about 85 to 90 lbs now and very smart he can do all commands sit,stay,down,heel,come on leash and off leash. He from from the litter of Zicco and Fantasia. 

Paul Flores

Mr. Scott, 

I bought Elke from you in June.  This is how she looks today.  She is smart and beautiful. We love her dearly! Thank you!

Cindy Pruett
Appleby Community Farm
Nacogdoches TX


Mr. Scott,

I purchased a puppy from you a few weeks ago.
He has made his first trip to the vet and will be making the next visit on the 15th of April. 
My wife and kids fell in love with him as soon as they saw him.
Thanks for such a quality puppy.

John Dunham


Mr. Scott,

 My family and I want to thank you for a wonderful addition to our family. Bo, as we call him, has been a true joy. His impressive look has drawn a lot of attention of many on lookers. Even from a neighbor who is a K-9 officer, he told me the dog had a quality about him.

When we take him to the dog park it seems that everyone comes to talk about him. As for as him knowing his role in the family, he has excepted that as well. When the kids are outside playing, he lays in the yard, very alert and watches EVERYTHING that moves or makes a sound. We took him to a basic training program and after completing it the trainer advised us to skip intermediate and send him to a more advance trainer because of his intelligence because intermediate level would bore him.

Sire: Cold Vom Tommy’s Ranch  Mother: Quera Vitaxis

 In this picture Bo is 5 months old, just look at his maturity that he shows!!

Thank you so very much,
The Waller Family


Mr. Scott,
    This is Scott Barrentine, I bought a Male from you almost two years ago. He has been great and challenging. We are now wanting to get him a playmate and are interested in a female pup. Have already looked and would like to ask you if any of the females from the below litter are still for sale and was wondering if you would be interested in giving us a deal on one of them for being a return customer :) Look forward to hearing from you. There is a pic attached of Fonzi, he is beautiful!

Scott Barrentine


Hello Mr Scott,
I brought Mateo home in June of 2010.  He has been an amazing dog, companion, member of our family.  He took to his basic and intermediate traning immediately and he's a super sweet boy, loves to play soccer in the backyard with me and my nieces/nephews.  He's very protective but still very sweet with people that I tell him are ok.  He loves chasing squirrels and birds!  He stays indoors and was a quick learner about how to behave inside the house. I love him, my family loves him, and we are very happy with him!

Some pictures attached.

Do you know who to recommend for protection training?  Do you think that is really necessary?  He is already protective, but was not sure what you thought about that.

Thank you sir!
Miriam M
Houston, TX

Photo from 10-16-2011 Trigger 1 years of age from Chanel and Izak's litter born October 2010      Angela Sallee


Mr. Scott, I know a lot of breeders like to see pictures of their dogs for breeding purposes, so I've attached a few of Hans (Izak Boharina x V Chanell vom Frankengold) through his growth. At about a a year and a half, he's around 100 pounds, about 27 inches tall at the shoulders, athletic, and in good health. 

Hope all is well.


I just want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful dog.
Quartz is super energetic and super happy all the time, he makes me smile even when I do not feel like it. Everyone that we meet says that he is the most beautiful German shepherd they've ever seen, and I could not agree more. :)
He is also so well behaved and so smart I feel like I am learning more from him than the other way around.  We could not be more happy with him.

Thank you,
Alberto Olivas


Mr. Scott,

I have enclosed some pictures of Falko. He is from the 2010 Izak and Chanel litter. Thank you so much for a wonderful addition to our family! Falko is smart, athletic and beautiful. We cannot avoid receiving compliments on him whenever out!

 I called a few days ago and spoke with you regarding your next litter. We would like to put a deposit down for the 1st male pick of your upcoming January litter. 
Thank you so much. We are extremely excited to add another one of your beautiful dogs to our family!




I see (on your website) that you're going out of business due to health reasons. As you know, Ranger will be 4 in October. Just wanted to express appreciation for your commitment to quality GSD breeding. I want to wish you the best regarding your health.

Adam Vincent

Mr Scott
We wanted to thank you again for our new puppy! She is wonderful and the whole family adores her. We took her to the vet yesterday and she had a clean bill of health. Her name is Lola and we already love her so much! Have a blessed day!

Brooke Black

Hello Mr Scott
 I AM SO GLAD WE HAVE Gabrial in our family he is a joy I must say your breed of high quality Shepherds are phenomenal if given the opportunity I know you would find it quite profitable to have Grabial as one of your Studs. 


Hi Herman,

Great to hear from you.  Glad the papers are on the way & looking forward to receiving them.  

We have named our puppy Duke.  What will his official name be - I'm guessing it will be part of Enzo's?  So, would it be  Duke Vom Der Klosterpater?

As to how is Duke doing - well, he may not be perfect, but he's about as close to perfection as you can get.  We've had him for just over a week now & had his crate waiting for him upon arrival.  He has yet to soil his bedding - no pee, no poop.   He doesn't even cry when we put him in there.  We got up twice the first night to take him outside just to be sure & he went right back in the crate after doing his business.  Things were going so well that we have cut that to once a night & I believe we could stop that.  We have a 6X6X6 chain link pen in the barn that we put him in during the day if we have to leave. He is fine in there & has remained in there for 6 hours.

He is fine with our 4 horses, the tractor, lawn mower, gas blower, chain saw.  He is finding out that the cat is not one to be messed with.

The vet said he was fine & was amazed at his size.  Feeding is going well.

As you can see we are pleased.  Thanks for providing us with a wonderful GSD - hope it continues to remain the same.

Mickey & Carolyn.

Hi Herman,
Wanted to share a couple of pics of Duke at 6 months.  I can't thank you enough for providing me with such an outstanding GSD.  He is everything you promised and so much more.  As you can see he is truly beautiful.  What you can't see is that his talents & personality even exceed his looks. 
We plan to begin his training this fall.  Will keep you posted on his progress.
Even though we have no plans for professional breeding, we are already getting requests for his future "services".  Most cannot believe he is only 6 months old - he looks & acts much older.
Take care and again, thank you.