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This page was last updated: November 8, 2017
Puppy Prices

Puppy prices are listed below. Pups come with Puppy pack, Shots, Deworm, AKC papers, Medical records,Contract which includes a Health Guarantee.

Puppies Available
We Breed for Size,Superior Intelligence,Stability, Temperament and Strength to do almost anything.
Especially Protecting your Family

O​nce you send this deposit you agree to our contract listed above about no refunds will be issued. Your deposit can only be rolled over to another litter. This is an electronic agreement and by submitting deposit you agree to these terms. There is a $300.00 Deposit to Hold A Puppy.
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Litter - 1​

Drigon Von Zwilling Flusse

Litter Due:

Litter- 2

To: Sila Bimki
 Sila has a lot of VA & V rated champions in his
Litter Due: 

Puppy Prices
Everyone wants a good deal right? Who doesn't like a sale or a good bargain. If I could get a Hummer - Silverado - Jaguar - for let's say the price of a Dodge or Nissan - it would be GREAT! 
No offence but there is a price difference in these car makes for a reason: 
There is a Quality difference 
There are Attractive Upgrades that make your life more enjoyable
Let me take a moment and explain a little - The German Shepherd originated from Germany but in America we have gotten FAR away from the true German standard that has been known and loved for years!! There is NO quality in the American bred Shepherd because the registry does not enforce any breeding standards.
Yup, I can breed 2 floppy eared brother and sister AKC Shepherds and sell them - yes - and people will buy them because they are cheap!!
Now, they'' might'' even look beautiful to you - but are lacking in bone structure, in temperament and usually have drastic health issues. 
I KNOW because I get calls and emails daily from the buyers of such dogs. 
Recently I have seen such a demand for German Shepherd puppies that - not only is everyone breeding them - but the breeders are asking over $1000 for garbage. 
Its about price for many buyers., They don't know what to really look for or what to ask about so they just try to get the best deal. 
With many sellers its all about the money - they are NOT knowledgeable with the standards nor the health issues in the American Line German Shepherd which are mostly absent from any German Bred Shepherd because in Germany there are STRICT regulations to keep the breed near perfect in all aspects.
I breed to keep with the standard and to improve the breed's temperament, health and workability. A German Shepherd Dog is an all around dog. A family, farm, and work dog. They can do it all. 

But not the American Bred German Shepherd! Know the breed standard: their faults and health problems before you buy. 
As for price?
It takes $$ to buy a REAL German Shepherd and $$ to Import (1500 euros just to ship)
It take $$ to train and raise in the home. It takes $$ for quality food. It is a lot of time and $$$$ that goes into a true German Shepherd that you can be proud to own. 
There are many breeders that sell AKC German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies for less, but the saying still stands true:
"You get what You pay for".
I pride myself in breeding healthy, big boned, confident dogs guaranteed! Even with all this my price is still lower than most Importers/Breeders of quality German Shepherd dogs

I raise my puppies so that they will fit in any situation whether it be with elderly, with children, as a working dog, farm dog or police.
Be sure to check out my Upcoming Litters. Expected colors will be - Black Tan Red - some with much more red. 
All of the dams are Imports with the Sires are Imported or still in Europe. All have x-rays for Normal/Good Hips & Elbows. This is a must for this breed.
Some have show or working titles - this is what will make the price a little different. Also if the puppy/dog will be used for breeding to make money then the price on this pup will be higher for the Breeding Rights.